– A new star at the Link Building scene?

Maybe a new star is born at the link building scene.

I have never ever seen something easy before. You can design your own sked.

What the heck is a Sked?

Sked is shortened version of the word Schedule. It can refer to a flight schedule, a baseball schedule, or any other type of schedule.(source:wikipedia)

This is a example screenshot of a Sked:


So it is really easy to do your monthly link building. Just drag and drop packages to the days and they will be execute exact on that day.

You can determine the amount of links and the kind of links. offer 4 different link types: Web 2.0 Backlinks, Bookmarks, Wikis and Comments.

The prices are so damn cheap for that they offer!

As soon as you have created your first Sked you can save it for further usage and you can share your template with other users. You can also use shared templates from other users for your campaigns. This makes skedlinks very interesting.

So take a look at and find out yourself.